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FREE Online Mindful Training Sessions

Saterdag, 29 Januarie 2022
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We invite you to participate in a study called: Exploring the effect of mindful techniques on wellbeing and prosocial
outcomes. You will receive quality training in mindful techniques from a professional in this field, completely free
of charge. This training is normally offered at premium prices, with these practices found to be beneficial for
physical, emotional and social wellbeing.
The training will take place over 8 weekly 1-hour (online) Zoom sessions, held on Monday evenings,
scheduled to start in March 2022 (date to be confirmed once recruitment is completed). You will also receive
5–10-minute audio files to continue your practice between session days. We will ask you to fill in an online
questionnaire anonymously before and after the 8 sessions. Upon completion of all procedures, you will receive
R300 for your time and effort, as well as towards your data costs for the online participation.

Please see flyer for further details and online link.

Prys: Free

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Michelle Prevost
Selfoon: 0741440033
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Rialto  » Geleenthede  » FREE Online Mindful Training Sessions