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Dinner 4 U Menu 16. - 20. October

Vrydag, 13 Oktober 2017
deur Lisa
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Another week with seasonable - sustainable - yummy meals cooked for you with love!

Nutritional information on kale & broad beans: A cup of cooked kale (about 130 grams) provides 2,6 grams of fiber. Kale is packed with nutrition that puts it high on the list of the world's healthiest foods. The fiber, potassium, vitamin C and B6 found in kale all support heart health. Broad beans are high in protein and fiber. Adding just a handful of these beans to a salad provides a boost of protein, fiber, potassium and energy-providing B vitamins.

Menu Options for 16. - 20. October 2017

Monday 16. October
Tannie Evita's Reconcilliation Bobotie with yellow rice can be frozen

Tuesday 17. October
Linguine with red peppers & calamaris, spinach salad

Wednesday 18. October
Kale & rainbow swiss chard frittata, fresh salad vegetarian & banting

Thursday 19. October
Beef fillet strips with sundried tomatoes and lemony potatoes

Friday 20. October
Tomato-chicken casserole with broad beans

R75 per meal
Kindly place orders by 2pm the previous day on WhatsUp 084 363 8072

Toestand: Very tasty!!!!
Prys: R75 per meal

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Rialto  » Dienste  » Dinner 4 U Menu 16. - 20. October