Top class indeed! Oh so much more than the sign outside the coach bus taking them to airport. 

The Helderberg team from South Africa came a few weeks ago to Omonia church to serve our refugee families and us only to surprise the refugee
families because they were all kind of blonde! Had a few laughs with this observation but further more this team led by Louise Theron immersed us in the love of God for two weeks and bathed us with all kinds of blessings. They came very well prepared and just stood in the place God could use them effectively for His Glory. 

Top class team indeed, you left a sweet aroma of Gods presence among us. You taught us what it is to be a dynamic strong team which in unity brings glory to God.

Thank you for everything you brought and left with us. Your kindness, your Spirit led posture, joy, hope and also for the green amazing cart, for teaching, for cooking, for serving warm tea, for loving everyone, for caring and teaching the little ones, for cleaning, for shopping, for fixing all the locks upstairs, and so much that needed fixing. Thank you for washing our feet literally and figuratively!

Go with God now and come back soon! You did make a huge difference in the world of volunteering and serving.

Eleni Melirrytou – Manager Omonia Church Refugee Program

Die groep gaan by die verskillende eredienste terug-voering gee oor die tyd in Griekeland.